Privacy Policy

About the Use of Cookies

The cookies are used in order to save users' time of entering their properties and show appropriate questions. Users' information is not associated with information whereby individuals can be identified.

About Sharing on Social Networking Services has functionality of sharing your post and vote on Social Networking Services, but it is not associated with information whereby individuals can be identified by Choibo.

About Socail Login has a functionality that user can login by using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account and post a comment. In the social login, user must provide us the following information to create an account: profile image, age, gender and so on. User can create profile page by social login and it can be seen by other users.

About Inappropriate posts

A question about and question including something related to personal information, and innapropriate message will be deleted by us without prior notice. We will not be liable for and compensate any disadvantage by it.

Handling of Personal Information

User may provide us profile information from Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It will be kept in suitable condition and protected. Users' personal information which is used except for in using services such as personal information used in the inquiry about the management of will be protected properly.

Contact Request for deleting personal information

When you would like to delete your personal information, please let us know it.

When you find some posts including personal information unjustly, please let us know it

Last modified: August 1, 2014